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    Killeen, TX | Bell County

    September 10, 2014

    This is the WORST school I have ever been to. The principal is very unprofessional, just like his front office secretaries, guidance counselors, and head school nurse. All of the staff needs to be fired. The teachers don't care about their students, only their little paychecks, and the administration doesn't care about the students well-being. Bullying is at an all time high at Palo Alto and no one does anything about it. I would never have another child of mine attend this school.

    Submitted by a parent

    September 5, 2014

    This school is amazing. The administration and teachers truly care about helping all their students do their best to reach their full potential.

    Submitted by a teacher

    August 13, 2014

    This school gets a bad rap because of the location. Now that Mrs. Erskine has retired, I expect discipline will be handled in a more positive manner. If you have concerns, go to the administration. I find them to be very open and willing to help. The staff is hard working and really seem to care for the students.

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    May 14, 2014

    Hate this school with a passion! THE worst school my daughter has ever attended. Bullying is absolutely out of control and administration acts like they are dumb, deaf and blind. I would suggest moving around the corner so your child could go to Live Oak or petition to go to live oak. Palo Alto will ruin your child! They are great at killing their drive, confidence and work ethic. They never assign homework so most of their grades weigh heavily on tests that you never know they have. Most of the teachers don't know how to communicate and act offended when you require them to and they still don't do it. You constantly have to go above administrations head to resolve issues. This school is garbage! A disgrace!

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    May 13, 2014

    There are a lot of fights at this school. My advise would be to tell your child to lay low and just try to get through. If you can afford to move, move.

    Submitted by a parent

    February 28, 2014

    I have grown to appreciate most of the staff at this school. As a parent of 3 my oldest 2 have graduated from this school and gone on to high school taking what they've learned from PA to do great things. As with all schools you will find some that are more passionate and committed to helping kids succeed. Mr. Ivey Mr. Wadacki Ms Allen Ms. Sutton Coach Maxi Coach Bell just to name a few that have made an impact on my girls. I appreciate all that u do!

    Submitted by a parent

    February 19, 2014

    This school is TERRIBLE!!! The assistant principle, Ms. Erskine does not work with the kids, she seems to be a bully herself. This school would rather focus on punishment for small issues (shirt not being tucked in) and make kids sit in the in school suspension all day rather than give them an extra shirt and let them go to class. My daughter has been bullied the entire 4 months we have lived here - therefore we are forced to move to another school district completely. I would NOT recommend letting your child attend this school unless you want to be called on a regular basis about issues the school should handle and have your child call you crying because she is being threatened to be jumped while the teachers sit back and do nothing. The teachers don't abide by 504 guidelines for ADHD children yet will call about failing grades. My daughter's math teacher was caught telling her studetns that she gets paid whether or not they pass, this is a paycheck for her. This school and it's staff is a disgrace to teachers and schools and should be SHUT DOWN!! I wish I could give it negative stars!

    Submitted by a parent

    November 23, 2013

    I currently go to Palo Alto Middle School. It is a great school! I Get help with all of the things I don't understand, and they always have tutoring open. The sports teams are amazing as well. THE ADMINISTARTION HERE IS JUST FINE COUGH COUGH People writing comments bout it. There is almost no bullying at this school, and if there is it's taken care of very quickly. -Angela Baker Palo Alto Middle School

    August 5, 2013

    This school is okay besides some of the teachers and administraters. When I am getting bullied or someone is trying to fight me, I go to the a.p's office and Ms.Erskine never does anything to help, she makes It worse. She'll say something like just ignore or If they hit you come to the A.P's office like they're not going to keep hitting me. I once literally got bullied and forced into a fight and I'm the one who gets suspended, while the others get a day of ISS. The way this school handles problems Is not okay. I definitely would not take my child here any time soon. The teachers don't help either, they just send you to the A.P's office. Mr. Wadacki says If your getting jumped crawl to the A.P's office. Another thing Is that Instead of having Police around in the A.P's office, they chose to have one on the last day of school.

    May 16, 2013

    I really would like to give this school a 2.5, I know that sounds silly. My son was homeschooled until his 6th grade year. He was given the standardized test in 2011, 2 weeks prior to school starting. Never having been standardized tested before. He scored on the 10th and 8th grade level. He rarely comes home with homework or study material. I have asked if I could know when test are coming up so I can make sure he gets regular studying in a few nights before. The communication is NOT very good at this school. I do not feel that he has been challenged. In Feb 2012 one of his teachers told me what a disruptive student he had been for months, yet I had to come to her and ask her why he was given after school detention (days prior) while at a ceremony. Which was our first means of contact. The same thing happened with his history teacher this year. My son is not an angel all the time, but overall he is normally well behaved and mature for his age. I am that parent who will correct and address when I am INFORMED! My boys have played travel sports which maintained a high level of discipline. My son's 7th grade sports season lacked disciple during football and basketball.

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    August 9, 2012

    okay so before i went to PAMS i thought middle school would be terrible but on the first day people were so friendly and i made tons of friends and all the teachers were great. As the school year continued i had only two problems someone stole my binder but it was returned and the other was just two girls who bulled me but i went to ms.erskine for help (although she made the problem worse) i ended up learning to ignore the bullies and by the end of the year i came out stronger,smarter.and happier-i CANNOT wait for the first day of my seventh year!!

    July 17, 2012

    I really do not have anything to say because we are new to this area.

    May 29, 2012

    Being a military family, and bouncing from school to school... I have to say that the administration, teachers and most importantly - the principal are AMAZING! I have never seen a group of professionals truly care and take a hands on approach to teaching like those at PAMS do. My daughter attended the last 2 of her middle school years there - and Im very excited to start a new chapter at PAMS with an incoming 6th grader next year. I would HIGHLY recommended PAMS. Mr. Widacki is always showing interest in the students - the office staff always has a smile when I come in. As with any school - you child's academic success starts at home... and is furthered by amazing teachers and caring admin. THANK YOU PAMS!

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    February 27, 2012

    "Great Teachers and Great Principles " This school works very hard for our students, my son has attended this school for the third year he has worked hard and his teachers have been truly a blessing. Thanks for all the concern, kindness, firmness when needed and just making sure these students are getting full advantage of there education. A little note to parent get involved with your child's education and keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your child's teacher my son has had a successful 3 yrs with the support of great teachers like Mr. Rucker , Mrs.Fulton,Mr. Williams, Ms. Terrell, Mrs.Allen and last but not least the best two principals ever Mr.Jack Ivey and Mr. Matt W. Good bless all of the teachers at PAMS and continue to promote a place where kids can strive to do there best and be the best!! Much Love, Parent

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    August 15, 2011

    my son went to school there last school year. After only 2 months iwithdrew him from the school. He was bullied so bad that he would come home crying and mad. I tried talking to the school about it but was told if he doesn't say anything nothing can be done. He got sick of it and fought back one day, the other student's parents were told to press charges against my son. At 11 yrs old he has a criminal record now. Nothing as of yet has been done to remove the boy from this school.

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